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Importations Burton, family enterprise in business since 1965 in the importation field.  Already well recognized through out the country we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and knowledge of the canadian market in lingerie, swimwear and accessories.

We are working with a team of dynamic and professional sales representatives covering a vast territory.  They have built up for themselves a strong reputation of being reliable, efficient and attentive towards the spezial needs of our numerous customers.

Our fast shipping and our expertise in the administrative field of importation in Canada, customer service and knowledge of the industry makes us dinstintive for our select customer base.

We have a history of establishing and developing lines on the canadian market and pride ourselves on many successes since 1965 with the best lines.  Our sales team, marketing strategies, relations and knowledge of the industry allow us to guarantee the best ways to put our suppliers lines on the market.

Like never before our customers are seeking lines of distinction and Importations Burton is here to meet their demands as well as yours.

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